apple - بازار نفت و گاز پتروشیمی


Iroilmarket is dedicated to expertise people who will to work in international petroleum industry

We as one of the well known Iranian petroleum marketing analysis try to seek the best data and information

We as a sub branch of the the Asia petro radis try to find out price and trend of all products

Iroilmarket try to gather and asess quantitative and and qualitative data off the market

The key of or ability is to demonstrate or customer knowledge and expertise them , to find the part of attractiveness of market from a trader or producer standpoint

Our vision is to determine and find out how the parties can both not also their needs also the good market

Important task of our mission is to find out key success factors in different sections of petroleum products and market trading
Information gets trading it passionate working in all of the part , traders distributor and producers

Whether we gather information news data we explain how we can improve our mindset first to be update with us